How to earn money online
March 2, 2023

How to earn money online

Earning money

Money has been one of the necessities of life since way back. To get money, we must earn it through some way. Such as through business, work for someone, by selling some product or a skill, etc. there are many ways to earn it. Since we are living in this modern day and age, the ways to earn money could be divided in two, earning money online and earning money offline. Earning money online means to earn through internet. Earning money offline refers to the usual way that is being used since old times. Here we are only going to discuss about “how to earn money online”.

earn money online

Earning online

Earning money online is also known as freelancing. It is the product of this modern age which enabled a person sitting on one end of the world to work for another person who could be on the other end or anywhere. There are many pros and cons of freelancing. There are many platforms for it. Above all there are no restrictions of age, gender etc. you can freelance with or without any skill. You can earn from the comfort of your home. Freelancing increased after covid-19. Overall freelancing Is a good way to earn.

Effects of covid

Freelancing increased after covid-19. Before covid there were not as many freelancers as compared to after covid. It was because people lost their jobs due to covid, which increased unemployment. So, people at that time, tried desperately to find an alternative for their lost jobs that when they saw light in earning online. This alternate method that they ended up adopting really did help them through those hard times. Since they did not have to go to a specified workspace so they could work from home which protected them from harms of covid. There are many surveys and research that also prove it like the surveys conducted by people-per-hour which shows that the freelancers working with them increased after covid.

Comfort of home

Freelancers can earn from the comfort of their home. So, this makes it easier for everyone to earn from their own home. This is makes it easy for women, students and for many others to earn for themselves. They can work at any time which is comfortable to them, and they don’t have to be worried about workspace ethics since they are working from home. And for the most part freelancing in many cases pays more than many other jobs which are offered to these above mentioned persons. The kind of part time jobs that are offered to students do not pay them very well so it’s better for them to freelance which also does not include any physical labor. The same goes for women as well. This a very good aspect of freelancing.

Freelancing platforms

There are many platforms to earn online. Every platform has its own merits and demerits. And their workings are unique in their own ways. These platforms include fiver, freelancer these two are example of those the client find a suitable person according to his need, then upwork where a client posts his work and the freelancers respond to it then they get the job, then comes amazon, shopify in these a person can sale a product.

With or without skills

In freelancing there are two main ways to earn through freelancing one by using or selling a skill or without any skill. Let’s discuss the first case by selling a skill like graphic designing, UI/UX, web development, content writing, programming, etc. These are the example of skills that people sell and are high in demand. Now for the second case without any skills for this you can become something like a broker or a middleman between the freelancer and his client and become a way of communication. Some freelancers who do not speak the language of their client look for these people. In this everyone gets what they want.


People also earn online through trading of bitcoin, NFTs, etc. This is popular way and people make lots of money through this method. In trading you first invest some money and buy some bitcoin or NFTs then sell them on high price when the rates increase or some other way. People also mine bitcoin. This way they mine them and then sell them, but this is expensive. NFTs are also made by digital artist they draw it then sell it. This method is also not possible for everyone.

Affiliate marketing

Another method is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing people get money for selling someone else’s product and get a commission for it. It’s like directing the customer online to the stores online. This method could also be considered as among those where a person can earn without any skill.

Online store

An online store is also a way to earn online these stores mostly refer to the stores on shopify or amazon. There a person can open a store and sell products. This method requires an investment depending upon the size of the store.

Easier way to earn

Earning online is easier and comfortable for many people. They can earn from the leisure of their home in free time using any platform and with or without any skill. It is most chosen way to earn in this modern age.

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